Miasma, Blight World

  • Miasma. Blight World. The enigmatic transformation of Miasma into the nightmarish realm we know today is wrapped in layers of mystery. Ancient chronicles from civilizations that flourished nearby once depicted it as a relevant, human-populated world, a small jewel in the fabric of its star system. Today, Miasma looms as a forsaken specter, its daunting presence repelling the bravest of souls. Adventurers and scavengers, seduced by legends of long-lost relics, have faced the grim reality of Miasma’s inhospitable embrace, often at the cost of their lives. The rare accounts salvaged from these ill-starred voyages sketch a tapestry of terror: bustling metropolises transformed into nightmarish wastelands, their buildings now cloaked in a macabre fusion of bones and decomposing flesh, inhabited by unspeakable abominations. This accursed world, now a tableau of unending decay and affliction, stands as a chilling testament to the sinister, incomprehensible forces that lurk in the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

“I checked the suit's isolation status for the last time, acutely aware that even a minor breach could spell my doom. Denis and Lladus, my companions, hadn't survived. They fell victim to the necrotic pustules that ravaged their bodies, forcing me to end their suffering. Time was a luxury I didn't have; I couldn't burn their remains to prevent their reanimation, a haunting possibility as I fled. The demonic creatures from the planet, relentless in their pursuit, were drawing ever closer. My only salvation lay in the single-use escape pod that would return me to orbit. The events had unfolded with terrifying speed, leaving me empty-handed on this accursed rock.

Panting, I weaved through the desolate, twisted ruins of Miasma, the spiky and organic structures, gigantic bones and rotten flesh, covered the buildings like a cancer. The memories of Denis and Lladus, now potential threats themselves, haunted my frantic escape.

The escape pod was now in sight, my last hope amidst the encroaching darkness. The nightmarish entities' shrieks grew more fervent, their voices echoing across the communication system.

With a desperate dive, I sealed myself inside the pod. My trembling hands activated the launch sequence as the console sprang to life. The creatures, along with the potential reanimated forms of Denis and Lladus, thudded against the pod's exterior, their ferocity shaking its frame. But it was too late for their pursuit; the pod jettisoned, propelling me away from the planet's malevolent grip.

As Miasma dwindled into a speck in the vastness of space, a mix of relief engulfed me. I had escaped, but the horror of what I had witnessed would forever haunt me. I was alive, but forever changed by the nightmares of this mission.” -- Record recovered from data system of scape pod 00235M, currently in quarantine.--