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  • Oregia. Alien Sanctum. There is increasing evidence that the alien civilization that once inhabited this city was somehow related to the origins of mankind. Colossal statues and carved icons on the temple walls show a disturbing resemblance. But there are still many questions unanswered among the intact remains of Oregia. Who did they venerate? Where did they go? What made them disappear leaving their enormous stone temples untouched?

“No sign of life detected”. This statement was still very present on Satoli’s mind while they initiated the descent to Oregia with the reconnaissance team. This world has been mysterious in so many ways… Perfectly breathable air,  comfortable temperature and gravity… and the gigantic remains of that humanoid civilization, the circular temples, the almost organic appearance of their architecture, colossal stone heads with such a close and familiar resemblance… but the owners were nowhere to be found. So many questions arise, is there something they wanted to tell us? Some message among the ruins that we are ignoring?

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