Basaltic Hills

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 Better Games and Hobbies are a licensed printer of Txarli Factory, and these prints are produced under a commercial license.

Any models shown in the pictures are to illustrate scale only and do not come with the sets.

Please allow 5-10 days business days Production time.

Basaltic A 110mm L x 83mm W x 122mm H
Basaltic B 132mm L x 92mm W x 98mm H
Basaltic C 104mm L x 102mm W x 123mm H
Basaltic D 97mm L x 87mm W x 98mm H
Basaltic E 183mm L x 109mm W x 152mm H
Basaltic F 156mm L x 151mm W x 129mm H
Basaltic G 387mm L x 125mm W x 152mm H
Basaltic H 192mm L x 192mm W x 122mm H