Chaos Runes for Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh Daemons.

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Chaos Symbols and Runes

This assortment includes 300 chaos-themed runes, symbols, and signs, each masterfully crafted from brass photo-etched model parts, featuring the enigmatic chaos star among the designs. Select from 12 distinct variations, meticulously organized into separate compartments for your convenience. These intricate pieces are ideal for enhancing the armor, weapons, and banners of your models and miniatures, as well as adorning dioramas with a touch of pandemonium. For optimal application, we suggest using small amounts of CA glue.


Approximate thickness of characters: 0.26mm
Size: 2-4mm
Quantity: 300 characters (25 units of each character)

NOTICE: Due to the small thickness and size of the pieces, some could come out of the separator disk, or change compartment.