Chaotic Runes

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This set includes 1 sheet of full color opaque high-detailed waterslide decals. Decals are to be applied with water; no solvent required.

You can also use some Decal Softener and Decal Fixer solutions to improve and protect the finish on uneven or rough surfaces.

Each waterslide decal sheet contains a large variety of images of different sizes and shapes which will allow you to customize your battlefield, building, miniatures or diorama.

Sheets: 1 per package
Size: 139.5mm x 98.5mm

1.- Cut the decal out as close as you can to the outer edge of the image. For better results, use a brand-new blade in your cutter.

2.- Pick the decal up with your tweezers and let your decal soak in water for about 20 seconds. Warm water may help with this process.

3.- Use a paintbrush to gently push the decal off the sheet and onto the model. That's all folks!

4.- Before applying it to the model, once the decal has soaked long enough, apply a bit of Decal Fixer to the surface of the model where you are planning to set your decal. Decal Fixer protects the paint beneath and smooths the surface, thereby helping to prevent silvering. Use a paintbrush to gently push the decal off the sheet and onto the model. If it is hard to move the decal around, adding bit more Decal Fixer or water will help the decal float on the surface until it is positioned correctly.

5.- If the surface where you want to apply the flat decal is curved, like a shoulder pad, your decal could become wrinkled. To avoid this, once your decal is in place, apply Decal Softener. Let the softener react and it will help remove wrinkles, as it adapts to the curved surface underneath. Repeat this step 2-3 times till wrinkles are removed.
Remove any excess with a cotton swab to remove the liquid caught between the decal and the surface. Roll the swab over the decal so it does not lift from the surface. You can also use a paper towel to press down on the decal in a rolling motion to remove the excess of liquids. By using Decal Softener, the relief cuts to remove wrinkles in your decal will not be needed.

6.- Finally apply Decal Fixer again to the decal and the surface of the model where we have been working to unify the surface. Coat it as normal with matt or gloss varnish if you consider it necessary to remove or add a glossy finish.

Better Games & Hobbies have proudly partnered with Scumb4g Kustoms to bring their range of decals to Australia.